Join us for the MountainBytes weekend in February full of shows, competitions and workshops, celebrating one of the oldest digital arts. During the demoparty we will set up a 👽 DEMOLAB area 👾 where we will have the infrastructure for creative collaboration, and run workshops to introduce newbies and veterans alike to current topics in realtime graphics, tracked music, sizecoding and more!

What is a "Challenge"?

Shown above are some Bootstraps we encourage people to build on. It could be a cool tool that people should try. Or a tutorial. Or some assets in the public domain (e.g. Creative Commons) to remix. Perhaps just the concept for a shader, some notes for a track, script for a demo, a few words of inspiration ... you name it. Feel free to use the green button and add your own! We also have a piece of paper in the foyer where you can sketch an effect, and random cool toys and hardware to play with. Storm the brain.


What if I come up with something?

Then you should submit it! No matter how raw & sketchy, we want to stare all your DEMOLAB struggles in the face and celebrate the smallest accomplishments. Did you manage to putpixel? Yay!! Got three notes looped together? Wicked sick! It is possible to submit your entries as part of the official compos. Feel free to use this tool to share notes of your experience. Go here for all the infos 🐄

How do I connect with others?

Create a profile, start or join a project, and start posting. On the contacts page (click the Connect button) you can find links to Discord and other channels. That's the best way to reach out to the Swiss demoscene if you're looking for members for your group or some feedback ahead of time. Or just hang out and make friends in the DEMOLAB area at MountainBytes 🐮

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Why this page?

Perhaps you want other sceners to respond with comments to an idea, or even join you to make it a (second) reality! Existing scene boards can be a bit daunting for a newcomer, even though there are some really great threads on pouët and elsewhere - so think of this as a local party-BBS. During the Demolab we will collect any sketches or finished results, and showcase your sparks of creativity here. This is the way we ran last year's Graffathon and workshops at Demonights past.

Please feel very welcome to use this platform to boost 🚀 your productions and get ideas at ⛰️ MountainBytes !

All attendees, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff at our hackathon are required to agree with the Hack Code of Conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to ensure a safe environment for everybody.

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