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Demos with Emoji

A glitch in Wuhu made us wonder ...

How many demos are out there that are based on Emoji? 🧨 Not just ones that have an Emoji in the title, where the actual demo content or effect is made with the uniquitous pictograms? 🎁 We have the creator of one such demo at MountainBytes this year, 12days, which can be seen below and you can download the prod on Demozoo (along with source code in the ZIP file).

🎳 A list has been started to compile some findings: Emoji demos (Pouet) - scroll down for some examples.

Emoji: Any of the standardized emoticons used in Japanese text messaging. (Wordnik via DuckDuckGo)

🎾 To further inspire you to make an Emoji-demo:

👨‍💻 Demosceners favorite Emoji? (screenshot from Slack)


One Emoji to rule them all, and in the Mountains bind them:


Borrowed from Japanese 絵文字 (emoji), from 絵 (e, “picture”) + 文字 (moji, “character”). The apparent connection to emotion and emoticon is coincidental. (Wiktionary)

🥁 Here are a couple of notable demoscene examples:

1️⃣2️⃣📅🎄 by Gasman / Hooy-Program

The Emoji Demo by yx

Emoji is ❤ by FruitieX and Pingviinituutti / FP

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