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This NES Demo was created during MountainBytes 2024 as part of the workshop

📂 Demo

Made by blinry during a workshop at MountainBytes 2024. See the mountainbytes2024 branch.

Screenshot running in the Nestopia emulator:

Screenshot from 20240302 215402.png

NES Demo: Awe! some NES (part 1)

This NES Demo was created during Mountain Bytes 2024

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02.03.2024 20:55 ~ seism


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02.03.2024 20:55 ~ seism

Repository updated

19.02.2024 11:09 ~ seism

Event finished

Slower day time (@binary-sequence)

Scroll background (@binary-sequence)

Duplicate nametable (@binary-sequence)

Reorganize pattern tables to include ascii tiles (@binary-sequence)

Refactor RODATA (@binary-sequence)

Background MVP (@binary-sequence)

Fix indentation (@binary-sequence)

Separate logic in procedures (@binary-sequence)

Add mountain-dock background (@binary-sequence)

Fix resource names (@binary-sequence)

Build utils.asm too (@binary-sequence)

Add iNES header (@binary-sequence)


Event started

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