Use oldschool tools or retro hardware devices

Having one of those "where's my triangle?" days? Try changing the scene! Try the retro-scene: where people continue to make beautiful things on old, sometimes very old, computer hardware and game consoles and various random / weird devices.

Shian Lee by Bomb - here emulated in realtime thanks to the Internet Archive - watch it with sound on YouTube

We suggest you visit the Vintage Computer Festival to get your hands and play demos on real retro hardware. But if you don't have a 386 PC handy, you can start with retrocode on a modern computer using an emulator or compiler.

A spinning cube in QB64 - code at

There are also many nice retro-ish things, like the JS Speccy and TIC-80 fantasy console, to play with and code on out there.

THRIVE by Ilmenit / Agenda (source)

The demoscene thrives on productions for the Amiga, Atari, ZX Spectrum and many other makes of computers and game consoles. If there's an oldie-but-goldie platform you're interested in, just ask at the Graffathon for some tips and waypoints!

wolfenMarcherFC by atariBDSM


For advanced project ideas for people with some experience in graphics, programming, the tools and trades of the scene.

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