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Hello Bergbeiz

moovie and seism .. all of you .. DEMOLAB .. that's it

Photo of a thing

This image shows some of the various bits and pieces of creative kit that we brought to MountainBytes and made available to everyone in the DEMOLAB corner.


The piece of hardware in the photo is a tiny computer made for smart homes and factories by M5Stack, with an ESP32 processor and easy expandability using Adafruit Grove patches. A tiny demo made in 5 minutes blinks lights and jiggles a picture. The 'source code' is the pile of nodes in the screenshot above.

Blinken linken

Wait, but, why? There were ideas of a "Sorting Hat" 🧙‍♀️ that takes your biometrics and pseudorandomly assigns you to a legendary demoscene group, but this hack will have to wait for the next party. For now, it's just blinkenlights 🚨 for your entertainment. Speaking of which, we were obviously not the only ones getting LEDs to flash at MountainBytes, a.k.a. Bergbeiz!

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