Challenge Project

Bonzo balls

Shaders to make Bern shiny again

Three demo effects coded by Martin Heistermann. Made in GLSL using the Bonzomatic tool with full source code available.

Start Bonzomatic from within each of the subdirectories, which will use the configuration file to load the effect. Currently only runs out of the box on Linux, or on Windows from GitBash or similar.

🎶 For background music: try SceneSat

Note: if the output looks glitchy, like the screenshot above, then your graphics card is not supported :-P

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22.08.2022 16:44 ~ seism


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21.08.2022 12:58 ~ seism

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21.08.2022 12:57 ~ seism

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21.08.2022 12:56 ~ seism

rot (@mheistermann)


screensaver material

more playin around

random intermediate nice pattern

brightness scaling

bonzo shifty magic

use texture for rand (@pansk)

texture experiment (@mheistermann)

optimize, smaller loop template suffices for current RBF support

zoom and move camera

param tuning and pull out color()

make it plop

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into pansk/lines (@pansk)

new colors, white background

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pansk/lines' into martin (@mheistermann)

minimal cleanup

the end of accidental swastika, triangular labyrinth

three lines distorted (@pansk)

oops, hex (@mheistermann)

Ready to split work (@pansk)

fix (@mheistermann)

webgl version (not quite right)

limited supports hide cell boundaries


Event started

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