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A small invitation - released prior to the Graffathon but not shown at another demoscene event - that is made with Cables ( You are free to clone and modify yourself.

Cables is a visual programming tool being developed by undev - a Berlin based creative studio for interactive realtime graphics, data-visualizations and app development. The team is made up of passionate coders and designers with a long history in programming for the demoscene. Thank you @steam (undev co-founder & one of the Cables developers) for encouragement and support of the Graffathon <3

The intuitive graphical User Interface of their tool has been designed to allow you to express your creative ideas as quickly as possible. Also known as "no code", Cables generates JavaScript that you can download, extend, modify and use with other tools. We are also working on a curriculum for schools: learn more about Pingala on our website or at PlayBern 2022.

Create a free account, check out the beginner's tutorial and introductory video .. and make something cool!

Screenshot of Cables with the source of Nothing is Right by Nexus in Space

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Contributed 1 year ago by seism for GRAFFATHON 2022
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