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Planning your next event? Here are some tips from hackathon pros - yes, you can skip this screen.

🏁 Challenges

The starting point of most hackathons: a short description of a problem, some initial ideas of solutions which can be realistically attempted during the time constraints of the event. Once you create your event page, you can attach challenges that the teams should respond to.

👪 Teams

Some people like to hack on their own - for others, hackathons are all about collaboration and meeting new people. A team generally consists of 3 to 8 people. You can encourage your participants to set up a profile with roles that you can define in the Presets menu to create a smooth team-building process.

📦 Resources

When participants bring their own tools, sharing is encouraged as long as the entire team can use them easily and legally (preference to free, open source, cloud-based tools). Using a separate Resources event, you can create project templates, recommend tools or special offers, provide open datasets, and more!

☝️ Conduct

In the interest of creating a safe and inclusive environment, we strongly encourage applying a Hack Code of Conduct to your event. We have provided a boilerplate text at the bottom of every page, which you may also want to include in your opening presentation or e-mailed instructions.

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