This page lists the typical stages of a project, as well as any tools or instructions. For more details on the process, see Stages.
















In the spirit of the One Effect compo at DEMONIGHTS, everyone can get a chance to put something weird and wonderful on the big screen at our next gathering. Join the ICE BüNZLI CHALLENGE and soak in the scene spirit with this handy 3.5-step guide:

0.5 Turn off the tee vee

This is a Very important step on your journey to inner mastery. Kill all audio and lights. Do it Now. Think of your demoscene hour as a moment of calm, electric mindfulness in a sea of bytesize-undefined chaos. Setting a timer or breathing deeply into your diaphragm might help.

If you've managed to get this far, do a little jump. Your day has just improved! Create a user account and put something inspired in your profile here.

1.0 Run a real time demo

A cranky old computer or flashy "VR-Ready" set up, a wee Arduino or your beloved old Nintendo. Warm yourself up with some piece of equipment that you have lying around. Grab a hold of something that catches your eye at or the usual trumpets. If nothing else, run a browser demo from Demozoo or the Internet Archive.

Did it work? Did you feel the vibes? Yes? Do a little dance! Start a prod here and give it a name. Any name. You can change it later.

2.0 Whip out your inner artist.

Take the first tool you can reach and make some art, track or record some music, picture something in your mind then pixel it or 3D model it, do some stop-motion animation. Anything goes! Find tools and instructions in the Components page.

Woah! You are really rocking the scene now. Feeling inspired by something? Share it with your fellows by putting the link in a Post on your prod.

3.0 Share the löve

Finally, upload one result that you want to see on the big screen to ONE (1) project page here. You can write down anything you want feedback on, and you might get help and thumbs and advice from fellow sceners, or just a message to your mother, in the Pitch section.

Put any links to code or downloads, add a screenshot, video, GIF, anything you want. You are now truly a journeyman scener apprentice. We can't wait to see what you've cooked up at the party!

🚪 Pin a screenshot in VR

Feel free to make use of our Mozilla Hubs VR space (requires a decent CPU/GPU and connection), inspired by the Lichtspiel site of our 2015 event. Make sure to pin the object, or it will disappear after you leave!

📪 Get in touch via Slack / Discord (* new!) / Twitter / Facebook / Mail

We are in all your matrices.

🔜 Get ready to see old friends, make new friends, find your group, be fabulous, get your fame at DEMONIGHTS 014 !