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Materials for demolab workshop at MountainBytes 2023

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Getting started


Procedural Creation Principles

• Create a new Patch
• Start Building a Design out of Basic 2D Shapes by multiplying, moving, combining and dividing them. Try to use as little manual manipulation as possible. 
• Building complexity by repeating elements and procedures (with the repeat-op)
• Create multiple small elements forming a pattern
• Combine this with a bigger element
• Add Text and create a kind of abstract Design-Poster
• Animate some of the smaller elements
• Add UI Controlls over the speed of the animation and randomization of elements. 

Combining 2D and 3D Content

• Create Simple geometry. (G1)
• Use this geometry to distribute a different Object (G2) in the Scene
• Create a Texture (T1) for use as the Background of the scene
• Modify the Texture (T2) and use it as a Material for G2
• Add a parameter which changes G1 and T1 simultaneously.
• Add a Camera to the scene and animate it
• Bring in an external Texture (a Photo) and integrate it into the Texture. T1

Source: Pingala and Generative Creation and Design in School Curricula

(We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved!)

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This repository contains files of the documentation on the cables.gl website: https://cables.gl/docs/docs

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